Livelink Content Server Migrations to SharePoint

Moving to SharePoint? Quickly and easily migrate content from Livelink Content Server to SharePoint.

ECM Wise is shaping the future of content migrations to from Content Server to SharePoint. We are industry leaders, dedicated to delivering the best possible migration software on the market today. Our easy-to-use migration tool suite helps our clients move their content fast, effectively and hassle free. Above all else, we are committed to our clients’ success in making their move to SharePoint/Office 365 as smooth as possible.

ECM Wise has years of experience in helping organizations consolidate their documents and records from OpenText Livelink Content Server into SharePoint. Our proven migration processes, tools, and experience will help your organization save money.

ECM Wise can help you quickly and easily migrate content to and from the following sources:

  • OpenText Content Server
  • OpenText Livelink
  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint Online
  • Network Shared Drives

Migrating from Livelink Content Server to SharePoint can be a daunting and complex task. It doesn’t have to be! The ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite can take that complex task and turn it into a set of simple steps that will make your migration to SharePoint a success. All while keeping your project on time and on budget. No matter how complex your migration may be, the ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite will be able to handle your organizations Livelink Content Server environment and successfully help you move your content to SharePoint.

Quick, easy and reliable migrations! That is the best way to describe the ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite. Decommission your Livelink Content Server system today and save money.

How the ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite Works

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How Does it Work?

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