Content Server Migration Tool to Network Drives

Quickly and easily bulk export your content from Livelink Content Server to your network file shares (shared drives).

Bulk Export Tool Overview

Bulk export your Livelink Content Server content onto a file share With the Content Server Migration Tool to Network Drives.


  • Bulk Export Documents and Folders from Livelink Content Server.
  • Preserve your folder structure.
  • Preserve Content Server metadata information into XML or CSV.
  • Migrate Content Server category/attribute information into XML or csv file.
  • Export document versions.
  • Analysis wizard that identifies long folder paths and other issues before export.
  • Bulk Export content from a list of Content Server Object Id's.
  • Keep Content Server permission information.
  • Option to exclude empty folders.
  • No server installs.
  • Option to generate the Content Server Audit Trail for each exported document.
  • Provides a complete audit trail of every file exported.
  • Option to export all content into a single folder.
  • Preserve Content Server Records Management metadata.
  • Option to only migrate documents last modified after a specified date. (Only migrate current content)
  • Easy-to-use bulk export tool with a straightforward user interface.
  • Filter exports of documents by specifying Content Server category/attribute values.
  • Option to replace characters in file names.
  • Export documents from Personal Workspaces.
  • Option to export documents linked to a Shortcut.
  • Export Versions of documents by their extension. (When importing into SharePoint, all versions can be preserved)
  • Unlimited and unmetered data migrations.
  • Export content directly to Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Trusted migration professional service team and advisors at your fingertips.

By exporting your content to a shared drive, your organization can:

  • Decommision Livelink Content Server.
  • Archive information no longer required to be kept in a Document Management System.

Download and start exporting your Livelink Content Server content in minutes!

Bulk Export content from:

  • Content Server 16
  • Content Server 10.5
  • Content Server 10
  • Livelink 9.7.1
  • Livelink 9.5
  • Livelink 9.2
  • Livelink 9.1

Additional Features

The Livelink Content Server Migration Tool to Network Drives allows you to bulk export the following types of items from OpenText LiveLink Content Server.

  • Document
  • Folder
  • Email
  • Email Folder
  • Compound Document
  • Compound Email
  • Enterprise Workspace
  • Community
  • Project Workspace
  • Custom Views
  • Documents linked to a Shortcut
  • CAD Documents
  • Shortcuts & Urls
  • ECM Workspaces
  • Secure Documents & Folders
  • Technical Binders
  • Transmittals
  • Transmittal Lists
  • Dossiers
  • Contract Files
  • Customer Care Project Workspaces and Folders

The Livelink Content Server Migration Tool to Network Drives also supports the export of the following types of metadata:

  • Created By
  • Created Date
  • Modified By
  • Modified Date
  • Content Server Path
  • Description
  • Object Id
  • Category Attribute Values
  • Attribute Sets
  • Records Management Information
  • Hold Information
  • Permissions

Top Notch Support

Top Notch Support

ECM Wise stands behind it products!

We understand you want the most out of your investment so when you contact ECM Wise for assistance with the Livelink Content Server Migration Tool to Network Drives, be assured that you are contacting our most experienced support staff. In fact, more often than not, issues are resolved with a first response.

Let our experts help you get the most out your SharePoint Migration.

Working together is better!

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  • Governance: Records Management Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Migration Resources
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  • Product Enhancements

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Request Demo / Information

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