The ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite

How does the ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite Work?

Easily and efficiently migrate documents from Livelink Content Server to SharePoint by using the ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite. By following the points listed below and by using the ECM Wise Tool Set, your organization will successfully migrate your content to SharePoint.

Planning & Analysis

Easy to use tools to simplify your planning & analysis when migrating from Livelink Content Server to SharePoint.

Migrating from Livelink Content Server to SharePoint can be a daunting task. There are many differences between the two systems such as folder path limits, document naming standards and metadata features. Frankly it isn’t easy to migrate your content unless you are able to plan and analyze your content. That’s where the ECM Migration Tool Suite comes to the rescue. Identifying these differences up front and having a method to fix those issues will allow your migration to run smoothly and efficiently.

Potential issues and differences include:

  • Special characters
  • Folder naming
  • Path lengths
  • List length
  • Metadata transfer – how to identify what needs to be transferred
  • Multiple metadata categories and how to transfer to SharePoint
  • Permissions
  • Unsupported mime types

Improper planning and analysis can result in significant impacts to timelines, migration issues, loss of key information, user dissatisfaction and can increase overall project cost and impact success.

How does the ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite simplify your migration to SharePoint?

The Content Server Discovery & Analytics Tool is a cost effective solution that can help identify areas within your Content Server environment that can be cleaned up prior to migration. By using this Tool, an organization can perform a Migration Assessment to determine:

  • Various object types, document types, and empty folders within a targeted area for migration.
  • Unwanted content that can be removed prior to migration.
  • Areas with restricted access.

The Analysis Wizard in the Livelink Content Server to SharePoint Migration Tool is a feature that analysts can use to assist in validating and planning a migration prior to actually moving the content. This is a crucial step in planning out your migrations.

The Analysis Wizard can be run on a targeted migration area to:

  • Identify source Livelink Content Server migration size (# docs, # version, # folders, size)
  • Identify and correct for special character issues
  • Identify long folder and document name issues
  • Identify missing metadata and metadata incompatibilities
  • Identify reserved documents
  • Identify unsupported mime types
  • And much more …

Allow your organization to optimize time and effort by reducing the risk of potential design issues and errors during migrations. Identify key issues and potential hiccups up front with the ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite .

The Restructuring Wizard allows you to easily fix a number of issues identified by the Analysis Wizard by letting a Migration Analyst drag and drop folders into a taxonomy that fits your organizational needs. You are able to visually reorganize your content and fix long folder paths pre-migration in an easy to use interface. Share this new taxonomy with your end users to ensure that the new structure meets the needs of the business.

The Restructuring Wizard allows you to:

  • Fix long folder paths
  • Rename folders
  • Drag & Drop folders into a taxonomy that fits your needs
  • Exclude folders and their content from being migrated
  • And much more …

Migration & Auditing

Migrations and Auditing

The tools used to support your Livelink Content Server to SharePoint migration and audit requirements.

Flexible Migration Destinations:

When migrating content, your plan often has the requirement to move documents to various destinations. For example, you may want to move some content to SharePoint On Premise, some other content may need to go to SharePoint Online, while some legacy documents may need to be migrated to a networked file share to be archived. No matter what your migration requirements are, the ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite will satisfy your requirements.

Quickly and easily migrate content to and from the following systems:

  • OpenText Content Server
  • SharePoint
  • SharePoint Online
  • Shared Drives
  • OpenText Livelink

Unmetered Migration Use (optional)

Realize substantial cost savings to your organization when using the ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite. Purchase the unmetered version of our migration tool suite and stop worrying about exceeding migration data size limits. Freely use our tools with your test or staging environments to prove out your migration plan at no additional cost.

Auditing of Migrations

It is extremely important to know if all your content was migrated successfully. Without detailed auditing it becomes difficult and time consuming to validate and prove that your migration was success or not. That is why all of the Tools within the ECM Migration Tool Suite provide the status, summary of migration settings and detailed audit history log of what occurred during a migration.

These detailed audit migration logs can be used for validation purposes, business signoff, and to satisfy legal or records management requirements around generating proof of migration.

The ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite supports the following features:

  • Configurable settings and reusable migration profiles
  • Analysis Wizard to analyze your content before migration to identify potential issues up front
  • Restructuring Wizard to visually reorganize your content prior to migration
  • Granular mapping of folders to destinations
  • Migration of all or a specified number of document versions
  • Mapping of Livelink Content Server metadata (Category/Attribute) to SharePoint Content Types or Columns
  • Livelink Content Server Records Management metadata
  • Migrate folders as clone of hierarchical structure or collapse folders as metadata
  • Preserve Livelink Content Server creation dates and created by information
  • Mapping original source permissions and groups to SharePoint
  • Pause and Restart functionality
  • Multi-threaded parallel processing
  • Complete audit trail of the actions performed during migration

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Legacy Link Redirection

Legacy Link Redirection

Preserve your organizations’ historical legacy document links post migration.

Legacy Links

Document Management systems allow the use of links to reference documents and serve as a good way to ensure users are referencing and consuming the correct documents. These links may be contained in document (manuals, training materials, process documents, diagrams), emails, on intranet pages, and even populated in other line of business applications such as financial, hr, engineering systems. It is common for links referencing Livelink to exist widespread throughout an organization. Compound the use of links over the course of many years, and it is clear that an organization’s links represent vital pathways to organizational knowledge.

As part of an organizations' decision to migrate and decommission OpenText Content Server, there are decisions that need to be considered when migrating documents and folders from Livelink Content Server:

Once the content has been migrated, links contained within the moved documents or other internal web links would no longer reference the correct system. These broken links would lead to a big headache for users when trying to access the documents they need. This would impact their ability to find documents in a timely fashion, and ultimately result in a loss of productivity.

Manually updating the links would be impractical and time consuming. Sometimes it is not even possible (you can’t update an old email).

Preserving legacy links is an important step that should not be overlooked.

The ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite provides a solution

The ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite supports your migrations and helps you to preserve your historical organizational links. Livelink Content Server content that is migrated will be immediately and automatically redirected to the correct location in SharePoint (on or off premise).

Leverage ECM Wise Link Redirector technology to allow your organization to preserve original source document and folder links, and have the links redirected automatically to the new location in SharePoint. Avoid the potentially difficult and time consuming effort of attempting to manually update your organization wide links. Your users will seamlessly be able to access their documents post migration.

Migration Support and Services

Migration Support and Services

Best in class Professional Migration services and support at your fingertips.

Your Trusted Advisors

Migrations from Livelink Content Server to SharePoint often represent a significant logistical, administrative and resource intensive effort. Therefore it is important to make sure you have plan in place to address potential issues that may arise during the migration process.

For example, below are a few examples of key challenges that could arise when migrating from Content Server to SharePoint:

  • Project planning for Livelink Content Server retirement and migrations
  • Information Governance and Records Management migration considerations
  • Architectural planning
  • Change Management activities and support
  • Resource planning
  • Implementing the migration strategy

Like any large project, failure to conduct proper planning and due diligence may result in direct impact on timelines, risks, and migration success.

Let ECM Wise be your trusted advisors. Leverage our extensive first-hand experience to guide you on your journey to migrate from Content Server to SharePoint.

We’ve done this before!

We understand you want the most out of your investment so leverage the best in class ECM Wise professional migration services for migrating from Livelink Content Server to SharePoint.

Whether you are looking to obtain one-time consultative assistance or have ongoing resources available to help plan and implement your project from start-to-finish, we can provide a custom service offering that is fit for purpose.

The ECM Wise Team represents best in class resources with skills and certifications in:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Livelink Content Server
  • SharePoint
  • Records Management in SharePoint
  • Conducting migrations from Livelink Content Server to SharePoint
  • Records Management in Content Server

Highlights of the ECM Wise Professional Consulting Services:

  • ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite training
  • Project and program planning
  • Migration planning and strategy definition
  • Migration analysis
  • Migration implementation
  • Livelink Content Server hardware decommissioning
  • SharePoint migration architecture
  • Governance: Records Management planning and migration considerations

Available Tools

Available Tools

Leverage the best-in-class Content Server to SharePoint Migration Tool Set.

The ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite consists of the following tools:

Decommissioning OpenText Livelink Content Server and migrating content to SharePoint is a complex and costly undertaking. ECM Wise can help with a simple, yet powerful set of tools and processes that will enable an organization to decommission the use of OpenText Content Server in a manageable and cost effective manner.



If your organization uses Content Server and SharePoint, leverage the ECM Wise Migration Tool Suite to consolidate the two document management systems into one single platform and realize significant cost savings for your organization.

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